Brief History of PBC Ndongo-Wokoko, Buea

Praise Baptist Church started as a Missions Station on Sunday, March 15, 2009, at the end of a week-long crusade organized by Macedonia Baptist Church in the Ndongo area under the theme “The Battle is the Lord’s”, drawn from 2 Chronicles 20:15. Long before the crusade was organized, some field work had been done to ascertain the reality of a church plant in Ndongo. The student pastors Ndeley Samuel and Ndichia Divine did some fieldwork and encouraged a church to be planted in Ndongo. After the feasibility studies, Ndongo was now considered a quarter under MBC. Deacon Emmanuel Eko was put in charge of the Ndongo quarter and Brother Isaac Fabuinkwi’s residence served as a venue for the prayer group for close to five years. When Rev Shu Divine became pastor of MBC, he and the board of deacons headed by brother Ali Simon spearheaded the church plant in Ndongo. During the crusade, over 141 souls were won to Christ, 70 indicated the need for follow up and 46 were being followed up effectively.  After the crusade, the place that was readily available to accommodate the prayer group was the Bafut Manjong hall which hosted the church till it moved to its present location. With the successful plant of the church in Ndongo, some leaders were appointed to assist in managing the church. Sis Sarah Mokossa (of blessed memory), and Bro Fabuinkwi Manases served as deacons. Bro Daniel Dipoko and Bro Kibang Wilson were in charge of the teaching ministry.


As soon as the mission’s station was inaugurated, the mother congregation, MBC Molyko, saw the need for a trained pastor to monitor the growth of the mission’s area, and called Pastor Tata Stephen, a graduate from the Cameroon Baptist Seminary Kumba, and assigned him as a mission’s pastor to Ndongo from August 1, 2009. He served as Missions Pastor from MBC until 2013 when the church gained independence and officially called him its pioneer minister. In 2014, Pastor Tata successfully defended his doctrinal statement before an ordination council and was ordained. Besides the resident minister, PBC Christians have been blessed with ministration from several ministers drawn both from within and outside the national territory. Today, PBC also has an associate pastor, Ps Botam Titus, who is a youth pastor assigned to the missions area in Bokwai.

Membership and Leadership:

By December 2009, PBC had a membership of 62, and a five-member board of deacons was voted to build up leadership. They were: Bro Fabuinkwi Manases, Sis Sarah Mokossa (of blessed memory), Bro Kibam Wilson, Bro Emmanuel Tabah, and Sis Binwi Judith. The pioneer organs leaders were Bro Ndamsa Nelson (youth president), Sis Kumfah Delphine (Women’s president), and Bro Ngalla David (men’s President). By 2013 when PBC gained independence from MBC and became a fully-fledged member of the CBC, membership stood at 98, with 12 inquirers and 8 requests for admission. The average worship service attendance was about 170. The Board of the church was reorganized to a six-member team made up of Bro Emmanuel Tabah (as appointed Deacon) Bro Ikomi Mbuakoto, Sis Komken Cecilia, Bro Massa Ernest, and Sis Binwi Judith. The organ leaders were Bro Mitchell Njebu (as youth president), Sis Mabel Tabah (as Women’s President), and Bro Isaac Gabuin (as Men’s President). Sis Carvesia coordinated the Children’s ministry.

Presently, church membership has risen to about 185, with an average weekly attendance of close to 50. The board of deacons comprises seven members: Bro Emmanuel Tabah (AD), Bro Ikomi Mbuakoto(V. AD), Sis Komken Cecilia, Sis Ebenye Karine, Bro Sani Venatius, Bro Arthur Njume, and Bro Stanley Tayu. The youth, women, and men’s wings are quite vibrant and are headed by Bro Malle Emmanuel, Sis Mofor Therese, and Bro Wawa Walters respectively. The Children’s ministry, headed by Bro Fred Lyonga, is equally very vibrant.


At its inception, worshippers were temporarily hosted in a hall belonging to the Bafut community in Buea. In August 2012, a permanent site was procured for the missions area, and plans were made to get a semi-permanent structure on it by January 2013. However, the church leadership considered the location inappropriate and finally procured an alternative site. Work on the new church structure began in April 2016 and was completed in a record-breaking period of 18 months. The new structure, an architectural masterpiece, was executed by one of its members, Bro Wawa Walters. The building was baptized “Evidence Building” (Evidence that we serve a God who can provide).


PBC since its creation has been carrying out projects that have not only benefited her Christians but have impacted the lives of some community members. Being a dominant student church, PBC has ministered to the needs of the students who come in a year in, and year out. The church ensures that the impact is holistic for sustainable development.

The church has been involved in mission work. In the past years, she has partnered with the CBC to send missionaries to ADNOFAN and the reports are usually very great. The church also supports a minister in Benakuma. The children’s ministry, under the leadership of Bro Fred Lyonga and Sis Noel Ndeley, has facilitated the creation of a Teens ministry in MBC, BBC, Charity Bova, and Love Abide Bwitingi.

The church is presently running a prayer group in Bokwai New layout with the vision to open a church in that area. The meeting holds every Tuesday in the residence of one of her members, with Pastor Botam Titus as the coordinator.

In her desire to create maximum impact in the community, PBC this 2020 started a school dubbed Praise Academy. Praise Academy runs from nursery 1 to class 2 with 86 pupils, 6 staff, and an education committee committed to building the heads, hearts, and hands of the pupils. The Academy, like many educational institutions in Buea, is host to many IDP children. It is her desire that she would be able to secure scholarships for these IDPs and other very needy pupils. The church looks forward to acquiring a piece of land in Ndongo to establish a complete nursery and primary school so as to better meet the needs of the community.

Today, PBC celebrates 10 years plus of God’s goodness, faithfulness grace, and mercy. We are confident that God who has brought us thus far will continue to sustain us to the very end. Years have come and gone but the word of God that guides us is always with us. Let us remain steadfast on the word of the Lord as we answer another Christian call.  Remember, we exist to embrace, teach and proclaim the whole counsel of God.

Happy 10 Anniversary Celebration to all Christians of PBC. We all must finish well in Jesus’ name. Amen.