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Living by Decision instead of by Default (Ephesians 5:15-17)

Living by decision instead of by default (Ephesians 5:15-17)

By Rev Tata Stephen.

  • Decision means resolution after considering many things. Decisions do not come up anyhow. There are considerations you make
  • Default is preselected actions programmed which we just apply without further reflection. Many people today live by default. We ought not to live by default but by decision.
To be a good father, mother, type of leader, or business owner is not by default but by decision.
Everything worthwhile must be infused by decision. There is a discipline we must adopt to arrive at the expected outcome of life.
  • In ministry
  • In family
  • In business
  • In leadership
Every success has a discipline we must apply.
We have those who make things happen
We have those who watch things happen
We have those who wonder how things happen
This applies in ministry, business, family, etc.
We have the mind of Christ and ought to live and operate like Him.
Spiritual growth requires decision and intentionality meanwhile spiritual stagnation requires no intentional effort.
How can I live by decision and not default?
  1. Determine to live decisively:
Don’t just wander around, don’t accept everything, and screen your network because it will either make you or mare you.
It always starts with a decision. Wise people make decisions and foolish are tossed to and fro by others.
Determined people strife to make wise decisions based on the word of God and the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT no matter what the world says.
  1. Read the book of proverbs and James regularly.
  2. Elevate correct priorities. Jesus is the head of the church and firstborn so in everything He should be the priority. Our decisions must honor God and the people and not be selfish.
  3. Covenant with God to submit to His authority.
JESUS did nothing by default. He planned everything. ( Luke 9:51. Luke 9:51). When the time almost came for Jesus to be received up [to heaven],
He steadfastly and determinedly set His face to go to Jerusalem.
He was fully aware of what awaited Him in Jerusalem.
He was not surprised by the event; all of His life is reflected in this way.
Those who live determined lives are not moved by circumstances along their way.
You can’t figure out everything before you step out. Keep going holding fast to God.
Men and fathers don’t just have the responsibility to teach the Bible and principles in their homes but to also model it.
It takes a determined, decisive effort to do it, Hallelujah. We must be men in whom God lives and rules.
It means we must transition from children to sons.

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