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Did I lose Value

That I am left in the hands of the world to train?

Please mom stop the pretense

That when I was born, you were happy.

Was it because you were to receive contributions from meetings and Njangi houses?

Or was it truly because you loved me?

Please mom stop the pretense

I realized you only show me love only when something good happens to me or I do to you something good.

Please Dad stop the pretense

Am I to be only your servant who does everything or anything you want?

Or I can also be your lover to share moments and even how I feel sometimes.

Just that you don’t see me that way as your lover I know it.

Now the girls told me they love me and that they even consider how I feel.

Only when we have gone far into the “so-called love” then you came in like an angry master over a servant and not even as my missing lover.

Dad just please stop the pretense.

Yes I miss your love

The love that made you sing for me when I cried as an infant.

The love that you made me sleep through the pain while as an infant.

Yes, I miss your love.

The love that made you change my dresses to make me look neat and stop people from always seeing me so dirty.

I can’t hide it!! I miss your love.

The love that made you carry me on your shoulder and walked with me around to the place where I learned to live in all cases.

I miss your love.

Now the world you handed me to takes me to their own places, hides my dirty nature, and always sings for me to make me feel loved.

Please can you stop the pretense?

The thing you were ashamed and neglected to teach me, I have now learned it even though in the wrong way but you allowed them to teach me as though they are a good teacher which they are not.

Please Dad stop the pretense.

I thought I am a gift from GOD to you but I only got to realize every time that I am yiiiiishii to you

Stop the pretense mom.

Yet I know you too miss the love.

Or are you happy you are relieved??

It should be love.

“Better you for take na me, I should have been the one to die not my son” were the words I heard you say when I died.

Then I knew you still had some bits of feelings for me.

But mom, I felt pain not knowing what you will tell YAHWEH you did with me as the gift HE gave you.

Dad, I didn’t know what you will tell YAHWEH.

(Sing) I am your own

And not the World’s

Till the day HE will come

Even in dead I still remain a gift from GOD.

Just wake up and rather see potentials and not problems.

You have an account of me to present

You have an account of my Brothers to present

You have an account of Sisters to present

The end draws near.

The end would request your account.

What would you say of me?

That I was stubborn so you left me for the world?

Or that I was not intelligent and you left me?

Or that I was badly brought up by the world?

Would you say, you were tired of my case?

Or would you say I was a problem and not a blessing?

I hope you won’t tell a lie.

Please stop the pretence. I miss the love.


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